OCTAVIO the Dweeb – Nights Like This

Sharing with us a side of OCTAVIO the Dweeb that we have yet to see, ‘Nights Like This’ is a raw and angsty alt-rock track that’s all about the difficulties of being a striving artist.

This is an anthemic and grungy sound that is full of depth and texture, further showcasing the phenomenal range of musical talent that this kid has.

OCTAVIO the Dweeb

OCTAVIO the Dweeb – Slow Drag

One of my favourite new talents this year, OCTAVIO the Dweeb is back with the fantastic ‘Slow Drag’.

Now with over 330k monthly listeners on Spotify alone and a rapidly growing fanbase joining the movement, this artist is set to become a household name in the years to come. On the new single, he says:

“In life, so many things don’t go how we plan and some things just aren’t meant to work out. But a lot of amazing things can happen when you take a step back that you could have never planned. Kind of like this song. I started writing a song and a few hours into it I realised I didn’t like it anymore haha. I went outside with the producer and writer I work with. We started smoking a joint and singing ‘take a slow drag’ as a joke. Next thing I know it’s my next single and it has turned into one of the most special songs I have ever written.”

OCTAVIO the Dweeb

New Music: OCTAVIO the Dweeb

Track of the week. Sometimes a song plays and you know right from the start that the talent will take over the world.

Case in point: LA-based artist OCTAVIO the Dweeb and his release of ‘Someday I’ll Be Happy’. This is anthemic indie-pop at it’s finest, leaving you rooting for this kid to become the next big thing.

“We’re all dweebs in our own way – just trying to fit in and find ourselves. Some people just hide it better than others. I don’t know how the hell I’ve made it this far but we all love to root for an underdog and I’m rooting for me. Hopefully you are too :)”

OCTAVIO the Dweeb