Watch: Olive Amun – Blues

Australian up and comer Olive Amun unveils visuals for ‘Blues’, and with it also comes the release his new EP, ‘Don’t Leave Yet’. Speaking about the project he says:

“I noticed in a lot of the demos I was making, I kept saying these 3 words… don’t. leave. yet. It was unintentional, but after a while I knew this was the recurring theme and had to be what I base this project off of. ‘Don’t Leave Yet’ is filled with self exploration; musically and figuratively speaking. This was the first time I got comfortable with the uncomfortable and didn’t hold anything back. After about 6 months and 50+ song ideas, I finally had the EP I was looking for. When you play it front to back you really get a taste of everything that I have in my locker. I knew I had so much more to give artistically than I had showcased in the past, and this body of work was the perfect opportunity for me to finally go for it and not hold anything back.” 

‘Don’t Leave Yet’ is out now.

Olive Amun

New Music: Olive Amun

A refreshing take on alternative hip hop from 22-year-old Melbourne talent Olive Amun, who’s honest approach to writing songs is crafted in a way to resonate with those in the world who feel like outsiders. But much more than that, this is a universally likeable sound and a huge prospect to emerge from Australia.

Olive Amun