Oliver Malcolm – What Am I To Do?

Acclaimed musician and producer Oliver Malcolm marks his comeback today with a bold new single.

‘What Am I To Do?’ presents listeners with an energising mix of alternative pop, indie and rock, while the lyrics look at the times in our lives when we are uncertain of how to shape our futures.

“I made this song kind of by accident; one of those things where I only created a hook and decided to tease it on the internet, and boom; it reacted so I knew I had to finish it. It’s quite literally a song about not knowing what to do, not being sure of what the next move is.”

The track is Malcom’s first release in over a year, and sets the tone for what fans can next expect from this hugely exciting artist.

Despite his recent absence, Malcolm’s music still commands an impressive 270k monthly listeners on Spotify. The artist has also amassed more than 25 million career streams to date, thanks to hit releases like ‘Switched Up’ and ‘Baby Don’t Go’.

Oliver Malcolm

Oliver Malcolm – Rolling Stone

Oliver Malcolm is one of those very few artists who’s completely blown me away with each release to date.

‘Rolling Stone’ continues the trend, with an indescribably unique take on alternative music that is hugely exciting.

Oliver Malcolm

New Music: Oliver Malcolm

Track of the week. An immediately captivating and refreshingly unique sound from this Swedish-born, London-raised producer, songwriter and vocalist.

Oliver Malcolm