Pawl + Discrete – 5 AM (feat. Ebenezer)

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve experienced a banger that hits as hard as this new release from Swedish dance-pop heavyweights Pawl and Discrete.

On their own, they’ve each had incredible surges in popularity recently; Discrete’s own catalogue has earned him over 65 million plays across platforms, while Pawl has also had an equally impressive 40 million streams.

With bright upstart Ebenezer featured on ‘5AM‘, I really doubt you’ll find a song that gets your blood pumping as hard as this will.

Taken from Pawl and Discrete’s forthcoming joint-EP, which is scheduled to be released later in 2021.

Pawl | Discrete | Ebenezer

Pawl + Discrete – Type Like That

The Swedish collaboration between Pawl and Discrete just keeps getting better and better. Pulsating beats underline an emotive and captivating melody on this slick piece of chilled house, produced with finesse and style.

Pawl | Discrete

Pawl + Discrete – In My Heart

Two of Sweden’s brightest dance-pop talents come together to produce one of the summer’s freshest bangers.

The vocals come from Pawl himself, while the craftsmanship behind the beats are the collective efforts from both talents.

Pawl | Discrete

Pawl – BLU

“I wrote ‘BLU’ about that longing for escape from the reality you’re currently living in. It seems like it doesn’t matter where you live in the world – cause wherever you are, you’re always longing for something else, something better.”