Priya Ragu – Forgot About

Priya Ragu continues to release gems that blow me away completely. New single ‘Forgot About’ showcases a more mellow and soulful twist to this talent’s repertoire that is further proof of just how talented she is.

Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu – Chicken Lemon Rice

Tamil–Swiss artist Priya Ragu has taken the pop world by storm over the last twelve months.

Now she’s back with a superb piece of melodic of dance-pop that fuses RnB and Tamil-inspired beat work together into something quite magical.

Priya Ragu

New Music: Priya Ragu

RnB and soul marry together in a perfect harmony with this release by Tamil–Swiss musician Priya Ragu.

The whole song is a delight from start to finish; the longer you listen, the more you’ll be rewarded with some stunning infusions of Sri Lankan beats.

It’s just pure joy to experience, and a song that projects Ragu’s concept of an idealistic first love…

“Beyond religion, beyond cast, beyond colour. It’s the feeling nothing can tear you apart because it’s so strong.”

Priya Ragu