Lola Young – Ruin My Make Up

One of the most promising pop starlets to emerge from the UK in the last few months, Lola Young is back with a stunningly raw and expressive piece of music in the form of new single ‘Ruin My Make Up’.

“’Ruin My Makeup’ is a song I wrote about the duality of a person, well me. I was in a place at the time where I was trying to figure out whether my confidence was hindered by my vulnerability. If I cry about you, it will only ruin my makeup. It’s a sad song at heart but it has elements of strength and power. It touches on my journey through life, struggling with acceptance whether that be through religion or friends or drugs or most importantly through love.”

Lola Young

Lola Young – Woman

“‘Woman’ is a song about female empowerment. It’s a song about how I feel towards the patriarchy but also an introspective piece that looks at the gender roles and how these can be broken down. This song means a lot to me because it’s something I had never previously written about and it has an honest vulnerability to it that I hope makes people feel an understanding towards us women.”

Lola Young

Watch: Lola Young – Same Bed

“‘Same Bed’ is a song about waking up next to different people, to put it bluntly. It’s a lust song. But it’s also a self reflective song that looks at how I feel within myself and the different struggles I face when it comes to love and lust. It also shows how dismantled and strange my mind can be when it’s flicking between a hundred thoughts a second.”

Lola Young

Lola Young – Renaissance (EP)

“Renaissance is about rebirth, and so is this EP. It’s about learning through love and experience. Renaissance looks at my relationships, and the ideas of lust, love, loss and growth.”

Lola Young

Lola Young – None For You

“None For You is about a relationship where you no longer have time for a person after they did you ‘dirty’. This song is about pain and loss but also about choosing to love yourself instead of that person and picking your own well-being over theirs.”

Taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Renaissance’, due out April 28th.

Lola Young

Lola Young – Pick Me Up

“‘Pick Me Up’ is about the struggles of a relationship, and the highs and lows of being in love but also the difficulty of feeling like you only want a person more when they let you down.”

Lola Young