roman around – Bear The Burden (feat. Thavoron)

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Having previously featured both roman around and Thavoron on these pages, it seems only natural to also present to you their powerful new collaboration, entitled ‘Bear The Burden’.

Urgent and commanding in tone, the song shines a light on the environmental injustices that are increasingly becoming evident throughout the world, as roman around explains:

“The actions of one will not be enough to change the course of an economic, environmental, and power system which systematically burdens poor, minority, and disabled populations. The ways in which we continually destroy the planet are known and unchanging. These populations who are closer to their demise than those with a sense of entitlement are the first to bear the burden.”

A masterclass in hazy lo-fi pop and alt-R&B, the track is lifted from roman around’s forthcoming ‘Tell Me All About You’ EP, which is scheduled for release on 20th January 2023 via Trailing Twelve Records.

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roman around – Rhythm

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Critically acclaimed rising artist roman around returns with a raw yet beautifully constructed blend of indie, rock and punk through new single ‘Rhythm‘.

The track was written as a way for the California-based artist to cope with their grief following the sudden loss of their beloved dog.

“‘Rhythm’ is a story of the tragic loss of my animal friend, Rhythm. Rhythm was my pup who I had for a couple of months. He had a disability that made him walk funny and emotionally extreme. He passed away in my arms suddenly and tragically. Rhythm was not the first animal I watched pass, so this song is a memorial to all my animal friends. Our pets feel like family. Our pet relationships and the way we cherish them should be celebrated.”

This powerfully moving song serves as the fourth single to be released by roman around, who has already garnered praise from the likes of KCRW and Ones To Watch, while also being included on Spotify’s flagship Fresh Finds playlist.

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New Music: roman around

DNT Music Video Still / Dir. Angel Orozco

Rising Californian creative roman around (Roman Rivera) is not only a recording artist but also an accomplished drummer and and multi-instrumentalist.

After touring the country as a drummer for various bands, Rivera began experimenting on their own music, with the creation of songs like ‘DNT’ coming to fruition.

The song applies intricate rhythms and lush textures to support passages on relationship red flags, and the recurring trauma of an abusive relationship.

“‘DNT’ started as a demo in April of 2021. I was using it as a project to design synth sounds and create random drum loops. It wasn’t intended to go anywhere, but when some friends heard it they became attached to the creation and encouraged me to finish it.”

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