Live: HONNE at The Roundhouse


Probably the most anticipated gig of the year for me. I’ve made no secret of how much I love HONNE so seeing them at London’s Roundhouse last night was just… Epic.


Live: Ja Ja Ja Festival at Roundhouse

ja ja ja festival 2013

Scandi music authority Ja Ja Ja hosted it’s first ever festival at London’s Roundhouse this weekend. A stellar roster of up and coming Scandinavian buzzbands filled up this ultra cool venue.

For someone like me, I was a little bit of a kid in a candy shop. Highlights were:

Postiljonen (Sweden)

postiljonen live ja ja ja festival roundhouse london 2013

Sin Fang (Iceland)

sin fang live ja ja ja festival roundhouse london 2013

Truls (Norway)

truls live ja ja ja festival roundhouse london 2013

NONONO (Sweden)

nonono live ja ja ja festival roundhouse london 2013

Live: Jetta at Roundhouse London

jetta live roundhouse february 2013

I caught a mini showcase yesterday and saw Jetta do a few tracks in front of a crowd at the Roundhouse. Was immense. You have to catch this girl live before she gets huge!

Live: Europe & Foreigner at iTunes Festival, Roundhouse

I think, like a lot of people, I went a bit crazy with this year’s iTunes Festival and applied to win tickets for all the gigs. Of all those gigs, this was probably the one that I was least interested it- so karma worked it’s way to make sure this was the only one I won this year! These two power rock bands (both huge in the 80’s) haven’t lost their rock- I actually really enjoyed it. Go see Europe on their tour next year in the UK: start growing your hair long and ripping your black t-shirts in the mean time.