New Music: Sarah von Reis

Photo / Johanna Pettersson

Sharp-eyed fans of Scandinavian pop may already recognise singer and songwriter Sarah von Reis as a former member of Swedish pop phenomenon Dolly Style.

Since breaking with the band in 2018, von Reis has focused on her work as a solo artist, and is now setting her sights on becoming one of Sweden’s newest stars.

Written alongside Maja Francis and produced by Andreas ‘Hyena’ Söderlund, ‘All My Ghosts’ treats listeners to a dark yet playful sound that feels both haunting and intriguing in character.

“It’s the first love song I ever wrote. Maybe it’s not a classic love ballad, but it’s more about feeling naked, closing your eyes and hoping you’re good enough. The text is based on a love letter I wrote to a girl. When I realised I am gay, love suddenly felt a lot scarier. Like suddenly there was more at stake. I have something to lose if she doesn’t want me.”

Upcoming debut EP ‘Melancholia High Season’ is scheduled for release in March 2023. 

Sarah von Reis

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