Sofia Karlberg – Just For You

Photo / Daniela Spiroska

Swedish-Moroccan starlet Sofia Karlberg is no stranger to these pages, having first been featured back in 2016.

Since that time, Karlberg’s momentum has exploded – with the artist garnering over 1.5 billion catalogue streams, 1.2 million monthly Spotify listeners and a significant following across social media.

Today marks the release of Karlberg’s ‘Hold My Love’ EP (out now), alongside melodic new track ‘Just For You’. A masterclass in Scandi music, the song infuses subtle hints of melancholy into a thoughtfully-constructed pop production, and sets the tone for the EP.

“The journey of this EP started when I was contemplating what to do next, not only musically but in general with my life. The pandemic forced a lot of us to dig deep, ask ourselves questions we might not want to know the answers to and to revalue our purposes. I realised I needed to stand on new grounds so I decided to move to Berlin from my hometown Stockholm. I wanted to invite all the different parts of my new city into this EP, the darkness, the fun, the love but mainly the diversity. It’s such a weird and unique city with plenty room for everyone to be themselves in and I hope that this collection of songs can give you just that feeling, that there’s something for everyone, and that you’re all welcome into my world.”

Sofia Karlberg

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