Sötnos – Care About Nothing

It’s barely been a month since we last featured Stockholm duo Sötnos, but today marks their return with the release of new single, ‘Care About Nothing’.

With its eccentric mix of indie, pop and rock, the song delivers a sound that feels care-free, fun and uplifting – and further cements Sötnos as one of Sweden’s most exciting newcomers.

“This was the first song we ever made together. Recording this song, we jumped up and down and screamed as loud as we could. It was a total blast and it went fast and we hope it translates for you out there listening.”

The track shares its name with the duo’s debut album, which is also released today and can be heard here.


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New Music: Sötnos

Photo / Christian Tammi

As you may know, Scandinavians take their summer vacations very seriously. Around this time every year, the volume of new releases from the region dips, which is why we haven’t been featuring much Scandi music lately.

But that’s all about to change today, with the release of ‘Pancakes’ by Swedish newcomers Sötnos.

Thanks to it’s charming and playful blend of garage pop, indie and rock, the track serves as an immediate mood-booster and a perfect anthem for the weekend ahead.

Sötnos consists of Stockholm-based bandmates Albin Eidhagen and Tore Bojsten, who proudly self-produce all their work. Fans can look forward to the duo’s forthcoming ‘Care About Nothing’ debut album, which is released in September.


* And for those of you wondering, Sötnos roughly translates to ‘cutie pie’, and is pronounced sœ:t.n:ous!