Strandels – Talking To The Moon

”’Talking To The Moon’ is about all your inner demons that you’re always struggle with. In our case it’s about not feeling comfortable with opening up fully to a real person, so you turn to the moon (like a metaphor of talking to nothingness) and that you never get an answer.”


Strandels – Breathe It In

”’Breathe It In’ is about being bad at just taking a moment to take things in and to not really appreciating what you have at the time, and instead always rushing forward. That you start to appreciate something when it’s over and that you then realise how great things were but you didn’t acknowledge it at the time. It could be from a relationship perspective but also general things in life.


Strandels – Not My Party

I’m not quite sure how Strandels have managed to make folk pop sound sexy, but I am living for it.