Teddy Failure – Be My Guest

Rising Swedish outfit Teddy Failure return with another supreme slice of indie-pop. Lyrically, ‘Be My Guest’ reflects the duo’s philosophical attitude towards life, as it explores the idea of a romance that’s easy come, easy go.

While the song initially comes across as a simple acoustic ballad, the duo also add an element of surprise as they suddenly veer off-road, with a jittery trap beat and a meandering guitar line:

It was weird, because we added that trap beat, and then we couldn’t listen to it without laughing – we thought it was so goofy.” – Teo, Teddy Failure

Teddy Failure

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Teddy Failure – Pure (feat. ELIO)

Consisting of two highly requested writing & producing talents known as TeoFrans, it’s little surprise that Swedish project Teddy Failure crafts supreme sounds that are immediately captivating to any listener.

As a production duo, TeoFrans have collaborated with some of the most exciting new talents to emerge recently, including LOVA, Naaz, Bearson, Rhys, Felix Sandman and Eli.

Their new single ‘Pure’ conjures a sense of teenage apathy, with killer lyrics like ‘We mix vodka with fire’ luring you in. But keep listening until the end, when the track’s live-fast-die-young naivety reaches a cathartic conclusion thanks to ELIO’s beautifully moving vocals.

Teddy Failure

New Music: Teddy Failure

Melancholy indie pop with some lyrics that I think we can all associate with.

Teddy Failure