Listen to The Wanted’s album teaser!

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One of my (many) guilty pleasures… Here’s The Wanted’s album teaser. Hey, nothing wrong with a boyband every now and again… ‘Word Of Mouth’ is out on November 4th.

First Listen: The Wanted ‘Drunk On Love’

the wanted drunk on love

The Wanted are back! These lads are favourite pop guilty pleasure. This is so catchy it just worms it’s way into your head for a few hours.

Interview: Quickfire with Ed Drewett

ed drewett

One of pop’s hottest commodities right now, Ed Drewett will be releasing his new single ‘Drunk Dial’ on 10th March.

So while he’s behind some songs responsible for turning acts like The Wanted into household names, I managed to send over some quickfire questions to the chap before he gets massive himself. Have a read!

You’ve written a good few hits for some pretty established pop artists like The Wanted and Olly Murs– how did all of that come about?

I was writing my Album when ‘All Time Low’ came about. It was initially for me but I wasn’t ready to release and the lads loved it so it found a good home! After that, ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Lightning’ were specifically written for the boys. That was the start of my songwriting career!

The studio time with Olly came about literally down to the success I’d had with The Wanted. You write a few hits & you’re and fortunate enough to be able to write with pretty much anyone.

When did you realise that you wanted to be a performer?

I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was a kid. It’s something that rarely happens over night and until now I’ve spent the past few years searching for the right team for me!

What’s the best and worst thing about writing a pop hit for someone else?

Quite honestly it’s all a pretty good situation to be in. Sometimes you start an amazing tune and think, ‘Aarrrghh, I’d love this for me’ but you get over it pretty quick. The best is seeing a song conquer the world, like ‘Glad You Came’. That was incredible. I’m a very lucky dude.

What do you love the most about performing your own songs?

Performing my own songs on stage is what it’s all about for me. The songwriting for others is unreal but I started out as an Artist & I’m going to continue that way. If it doesn’t work out, falling back on writing for others isn’t exactly the worst job in the world!

What’s your new single about?

Basically, it’s about having six too many beverages and calling someone you probably shouldn’t. An ex, your boss, a current love interest. Resulting in feeling even worse the next day.

What else have you got lined up over the next twelve months? 

Promo! Lots of promo! Lots of interviews & making sure Drunk Dial gets the push it deserves. After that, another single then the album! Then, who knows!

Drunk Dial is out 10th March on BAER Music. Click here for more!

First Listen: Ed Drewett ‘Drunk Dial’

ed drewett

A while back I posted a video for this song, which at the time had no mention of who the artist behind it was. It’s come to light that it’s actually a new track from one of pop’s brightest new writers, Ed Drewett.

If you think it sounds a bit like something from The Wanted then you’d not be far off- Ed’s one of the forces behind some of their biggest hits. Single’s out 10th March 2013 on BAER MUSIC.

First Watch: The Wanted ‘I Found You’

Hot off the YouTube press, take a look at The Wanted’s new music video.

The Wanted announce new single ‘I Found You’

I have no shame whatsoever in admitting that I love The Wanted. They are a boyband, and they are as commercial as they come, but there’s no denying that they can deliver some brilliant pop.

They’ve announced new single ‘I Found You’ (a video still above) to be released November 4th. The new track was written and recorded in London and will feature on the new Wanted album scheduled for worldwide release in 2013.

First Listen: Ed Drewett ‘Good Morning’

I’m a huge fan of this guy- he released a single a while back and was featured on here but he’s gone on to make a big success of himself writing tracks for, amongst others, The Wanted– who are now a household name pretty much all over the world. So it’s exciting to see more of Ed Drewett!