Watch: Beatnik ft. Tyson ‘Bye Bye’

Beatnik ft. Tyson - %22Bye Bye%22

Beatnik mix up some drum and bass, electro and house featuring former Unklejam (one of the most underrated electro soul bands ever) front man ‘Tyson’ on vocals.

New Music: Azari & III

Azari reminds me of an old UK band called Unklejam who sort of disappeared as fast as they rose, but were really good. You can call it fierce, but I call it camp electro soul. Check out here.

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Whatever happened to Unklejam?

I was so excited when this band was around… I think I saw them live a couple of times before they just kind of vanished… I guess they got dropped by their label but that’s no excuse not to check them out if you haven’t already. Electropop with serious soul mixed with a load of attitude. I hope it all picks up again soon. Check out here.