Jon Waltz – Trainwreck (feat. Verzache)

Jon Waltz | Verzache

Verzache – All I Need

With over 300 million worldwide streams to date, 23-year-old Toronto native Verzache has firmly established himself as one of Canada’s biggest pop exports in recent years. And with bops like ‘All I Need’, you can understand why this kid’s sound is so loveable.

“When I wrote ‘All I Need’, at the time I was definitely in the feels and the title is a pretty big giveaway, but I was just recording how I felt. Looking at the song now, I see it as an example of some good ole young love/ infatuation. You can take what you want from the song! But the fact you can be so obsessed with someone that it feels like everything else is nowhere near as important, is crazy/ cute/ terrifying/ awesome/ comforting.”

Taken from the debut album ‘My Head Is A Moshpit’ which is out soon.