Live: Demo Taped + NAO at Village Underground

demo taped village underground london april 2016.

nao village underground london april 2016

This was by far my favourite show of the year. Demo Taped pulled off an incredible set completely on his own (and doing it pretty flawlessly), while NAO just proved to me even more how she’s taking 2016 by storm.

Live: Nick Mulvey at Village Underground

nick mulvey village underground london may 2014

I caught Nick Mulvey at a packed-out Village Underground in London last night. The record’s great but the songs really come to life live, and it’s well worth seeing.

It was his first London headline show with a full band.  Personal highlight was hearing ‘Nitrous’ build up to an amazing end. Tour begins in October.

Ghostpoet + The D.O.T. = Rizlab


I’ve just come back from this Rizlab event I’ve been writing about, where they got Ghostpoet and The D.O.T. (formerly known as Mike Skinner from The Streets) to create a song called ‘Trouble’, then shoot the video in real time by giving fans online a choice of what kinds of trouble the three of them should go through while filming.

It ended up with some cheerleaders, a bad disco scene and a boyband miming to the words. Yet somehow the whole thing didn’t feel camp…

I had the chance to check it out while it was being filmed in Shoreditch and it was so good. I mean, the whole thing didn’t last more than four minutes but the DJ sets inbetween were immense. These Rizlab kids know how to throw a midweek party.