Vorsen – Looking Back

Acclaimed indie-pop talent Vorsen (aka Oliver Halvorsen) returns with one of the catchiest songs of the summer.

‘Looking Back’ finds the British-Norwegian musician and producer casually reminiscing over his past relationships – and in doing so, reminds us that with every failed romance comes an opportunity for personal growth.

“‘Looking Back’ was written from an impartial viewpoint of reflecting upon old love. Everyone has at some point romanticised past relationships and wondered how things would be in the present given the amount you have both evolved over the years. However, it’s a paradoxical way of thinking because you wouldn’t be who you are now without the learning and change (bad or good) that undergoes during those relationships, which is a beautiful thing in its own right. So ultimately, that way of thinking is in some ways flawed and that’s a large part of what this song is about – recognising and accepting things that have happened in the past rather than tirelessly picking them apart and countless ‘what ifs’”.

Impressively, the song was written, performed and produced buy Vorsen himself in East London. Fans can look forward to an upcoming EP, which is scheduled for release on the 20th October.

Vorsen will also join Christof van der Ven on tour across Europe later this year – more details can be found here.


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Vorsen – Evil

British-Norwegian singer and songwriter Vorsen (aka Oliver Halvorsen) unveils his latest single today, called ‘Evil’.

The song was written and produced by the artist at his London home, and is lyrically inspired by the concept of ignorance. Additional vocals are provided by The Staves member Camilla Stavely-Taylor,

“‘Evil’ is a shimmering vignette about yearning for blissful ignorance in the face of harsh reality. A hopeful longing that evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia.” – Vorsen

Vorsen plans to release a new EP soon. In the meantime, listeners can explore his other songs here.


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New Music: Vorsen

We begin the weekend with a beautifully dreamy slice of electronic pop, courtesy of London-based artist Vorsen.

Created in the aftermath of a broken relationship, melodic new single ‘Real Life’ features Vorsen’s emotive vocals gliding over a production that feels melancholic yet full of interesting sonic textures.

The song is lifted from Vorsen’s forthcoming EP of the same name, which is out this year. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Vorsen’s work as part of indie-folk outfit NIGHT FLIGHT, who play London’s Jazz Cafe this September.


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