greek – BLUFF

US-based artist greek has that rare talent of creating unique songs that are unlike any other, yet still accessible and easy to form connections with.

New single ‘BLUFF’ treats listeners to an eccentric yet mesmerising a fusion of alternative R&B, soul and indie. While the track is refreshingly original in its production, it is also beautifully emotive and sincere in tone.

greek joins Weston Estate on tour across North America, starting from next month – more details can be found here.


Weston Estate – So Good

Photo / Camila Noreiga

Track of the week. Garnering more than 50 million career streams to date, Weston Estate are rapidly becoming one of the most loved alt-pop outfits to emerge from North America in recent years.

Summery new single ‘So Good’ follows on from the group’s ‘Maggie Valley EP’, and is inspired by the notion of new experiences.

“This song embodies new beginnings. We are entering a new chapter in our lives, and this song was born out of foreign emotions and inspiring travels. Finding ourselves in LA for the first time, we were looking for new experiences. We turned to Val and Trevor from Fiji Blue to help us create a bossanova-infused, classical pop song.”

Weston Estate perform at New York’s Let’s Get Free Festival in August, and Delaware’s Firefly Festival in September.

Weston Estate

Weston Estate – Hold On

One of the most interesting alt-pop bands to emerge from the US in recent months, North Carolina outfit Weston Estate are back today with the release of ‘Hold On’.

All of Indian descent (with the exception of vocalist Marco Luka who is first generation Cuban-American), the group fuse cultural influences alongside their individual tastes to create a sound that is uniquely of their own.

Weston Estate

New Music: Weston Estate

Track of the week. This alt-pop outfit formed in 2017 out of North Carolina and haven’t looked back since, with 12 million accumulated streams and a major label deal with Arista Records/ Sony Music Entertainment.

The sound itself carries an emotive essence of youthful melancholy that still feels charming and playful… Weston Estate could be part of the next generation of boybands!

“Our band philosophy is optimistic nihilism. Straight-edged middle-aged women getting lit to our music is our aesthetic.”

Weston Estate