KAMILLE – Don’t Answer (feat. Wiley)


The UK Music Video Awards 2011

A bit late on this one but better late than never- last week saw the UK Music Video Awards take place and there’s some great clips over at Creative Review‘s blog from the winning pieces. Wiley won an award for the single ‘Numbers In Action’- which has been one of my favourite vids all year. Check out all the winners here.

Wiley’s giving away 100 songs to you for free!

Yea, I think he’s lost his marbles. If you like Wiley, then click here to download all 100 songs that he’s decided to give away for free- I’m not sure I can deal with all that much Wiley! For those of you outside of the UK, Wiley is one of the masters of Grime music: you either love it or you hate it. Zip file 3 has a new song featuring The Streets called ‘Don’t Hide Away’ which I kinda like.