GRACEY – If You Loved Me



Adée – Hold It Against You

“I wrote this song together with Joakim Buddee while i was going through a breakup from a relationship that I thought was for life. Hold It Against You is about leaving and moving forward with no hard feelings but at the same time exist in all that pain.”


Bonbon Anglais – All Along

On a first glance this seems like a simple pop track, but give it a few seconds and this becomes the catchiest song you’ll face all day.

Bonbon Anglais

Moli – Lonely Nights

I wrote ‘Lonely Nights’ after being disappointed a couple of times by semi-relationships I was in. I had the feeling that I was always giving so much, giving these people a lot but not receiving back and it was taking up so much of my energy that I got to a point where I realised that I was actually feeling pretty good being alone and not having to worry. It was important to look after myself and figure out how to be happy without the need to have someone romantically. Also by doing so, when someone that you like does come along, you know your self worth and what you want to put up with or not. I have written many songs about heartbreak and love but this time I wanted to write a more empowering song that makes me feel good about myself and confident and I hope it will translate to other listeners.”