New Music: Foley

Feel-good pop from New Zealand to distract us all from what the world is going through right now. This sound is damn well impossible not to enjoy.



XIRA – Tiptoe

Before you feel too connected with the lyrics, read what XIRA had to say about the song. Goes to show the transferable power of pop lyrics!

“This song was written about my cat, Muffin… who used to love me but now pretty much hates my guts. I guess you could say it’s a bit of a sing along for anyone who’s broken hearted (and a tiny little bit clingy).”


OLLIE – You & I

“Finding a balance in life and giving the people we love everything we know they deserve can be difficult at times, but through it all you stick by them. You wouldn’t trade the time you’ve spent by their side for anything, because loyalty means never leaving the people you love behind. I wrote this song for everyone who’s in love but also human, who makes mistakes. But also learns & grows. Forever it’s only you & I.”


Ea Kaya – Kitchen Table

One of Denmark’s pop darlings returns with a new single, and one which Billboard has included as one of the “20 Great Songs To Discover While You’re Quarantined”.

Ea Kaya

New Music: Zachary Knowles

Track of the week. The most sublime piece of chill pop I have had the pleasure of experiencing for a while. This kid has delivered a beautiful sound effortlessly.

“The meaning behind ‘Cherry Wine’ is super personal. I wrote about what life looked like before I was dating the girl I love. Before we started dating I was crazy about her (at the age of 14 haha that’s crazy to say) but didn’t know if she felt the same. I wanted to capture what that time of my life felt like. ‘Cherry Wine’ is most definitely a love song, and in the end it all worked out. I’m happy I’m able to share this moment in time. It’s a really special song.”

Zachary Knowles

Rothwell – I Wonder If You’re Happy

“I was sitting on the train to North London headed to a songwriting session when this person got on and sat opposite me. The way they gestured, the way they looked a little bit uncomfortable in their own skin and the way they was dressed reminded me so much of someone who I once thought I loved. It stuck with me, I hadn’t thought about them in such a long time and suddenly it felt like they were sitting right in front of me. All I could think about was how fond of this human I had once been. I wish them well, I hope they’ve found new love and I hope they’re happy. The song wrote itself and I’m so excited to be releasing a song as it was written, just voice and piano. Here is to friends becoming strangers but remembering people for the good they bought into your life.”


New Music: Duchess

Fearlessly powerful soul pop from this 22-year old South London talent.

“I found myself going through a lot of different emotions while making this EP. Discovering myself as an artist and finding the right sound took me on a real journey and taught me a lot. I really wanted to create a sound that’s was going to connect with others and their own life experiences.”


New Music: Azure Ryder

The perfect balance of indie folk and pop.

“This is really the beginning of my story, these songs are my leap of faith, taking control over the way I choose to wear my heart over my chest. I believe that feelings know no limits and music allows for that freedom.”

Azure Ryder

New Music: Core N Shell

“Backbones is giving vibes of a powerful girl gang. When cheerleaders voices tell you to get back on track, getting your heart broken because of a guy is not an option. Especially when he has no backbones.”

Core N Shell

New Music: Kyle Valentino

“Robin Williams once said ‘I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless’; that is the reason why I wrote this song. I wanted to open a different point of view on which we look and appreciate the people who cares about us, who asks how are things going , who gives us laughter when we’re down, who puts a big smile on our face whenever we feel completely worthless and for the people who just makes us feel better even when they cry on close doors.”

This song also includes vocals by Rachel Philipp.

Kyle Valentino


“Having very genuine feelings for someone, then having to cut them out of your life indefinitely, is a very bizarre experience. You try to go out and fill your time, but it’s just to serve as a distraction. Knowing what they’re doing, who they’re with, how they’re changing, these questions seem to take high priority over all other thoughts. You labour over these fears long enough, and you find that the only thing you truly desire, is to simply be able to talk to them again, and have some sort of back and forth.”