Aron Blom – Water

Coming from the same incredible Swedish label behind Molly Hammar and Frida Sundemo, songwriter Aron Blom returns today with his third solo release, ‘Water’.

It’s a song with a theme common to most of us, being that awkward time in a relationship when two people start to realise each other’s flaws. Delivered with a subtle sense of intensity and anxiety, this is Swedish power-pop at it’s finest.

“I’ve heard that there’s a second wind to every relationship, about a year and a half into it, when the infatuation settles and we start to see each other in all our flaws and imperfections.  It’s about assessing the situation and, by doing that, then understanding that we’ve truly and madly fallen for the other person. Most of us did just fine before that other person ambled into our lives. But still somehow every atom in our body suddenly craves that other person to the point of it becoming an absolute necessity. To the point of it becoming water.”

Aron Blom