Frida Sundemo – Backbone

It’s hard to believe that I have featured Frida Sundemo as early as 2011 and yet I am still so in love with pretty much every release since.

Today we are treated to another synth-pop gem from the Swede, and it’s exactly as you would expect; a beautifully composed melody with fragile vocals that somehow still creates an elevated sense of emotion.

Taken from the new EP ‘Sounds In My Head’ which is out today. No surprises in guessing that I’ll tell you it’s absolutely sublime.


Frida Sundemo – Anything

Beautifully atmospheric, euphoric and melodic. What else would you expect from a Frida Sundemo release?


Frida Sundemo – Nothing Can Hurt Me

Frida Sundemo

AmPm – Travelling Light (feat. Frida Sundemo)


Interview: Quickfire with Frida Sundemo

This quickfire is a bit of a big deal for me. Frida Sundemo’s been on my radar for as long as I can remember, and was one of the first artists to be featured on this site back in 2011. With an album due for release in October, I had the chance to ask a few questions…

So, I’ve been a fan since 2010. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across your music but I remember falling in love with the sound straight away. Seven years later, how has your sound evolved?

That’s lovely to hear, thank you very much! Back in 2010 the music was guitar-based and the productions quite small. In 2012 I started working with (producer/songwriter) Joel Humlén and we developed the sound more towards the electronic pop genre.
Ever since then I feel like we’ve let the productions grow bigger and bigger and we’ve also moved in a cinematic direction. Still, I guess you could recognise the melodies and harmonies all throughout the years. That has always been the core of my music.


What inspires you when you think of songs to write?

Almost anything. A conversation, a concert, a good song, a memory, feeling bored, feeling sad, feeling free and much more. But on my upcoming album I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from sci-fi space films. And I’ve Youtube’d video clips of space in the studio that I’ve looped on the screen while writing the music.

Where is your favourite place to write songs?

I wish I’d answer ‘in the deepest forests of Northern Sweden’ or something like that but it’s actually in my studio in Stockholm. I love structure and good technical conditions. Actually, I also love writing on the guitar at my parents summer house at Tjörn, an island on the west coast of Sweden. That’s a bit more romantic, I guess.


Tell me of a new artist that you are a fan of, and why…

Norbert Lukacs from Sweden. He released his debut EP recently and it’s just beautiful. Melancholic retro-indie music that makes you sad in just the perfect amount.

Who would you love to collaborate with on a song, dead or alive?

I’d love to do a duet with Tom Waits. His voice is just to die for.

What does the year ahead have in store for you?

I’m releasing my international debut album ’Flashbacks & Futures’ on Oct 6 and I’m super excited about that! It’s a lot of PR stuff going on around it and I’m also doing a couple of shows this fall. And I’ll keep writing new music of course. I never stop.
The inevitably beautiful debut record, ‘Flashbacks and Futures’ is due October 6th.

Frida Sundemo – We Are Dreamers


Frida’s back! Still showing through that same cute Scandi pop vibe.


Watch: Frida Sundemo ‘Keep An Eye On Me’

frida sundemo

Frida Sundemo

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Heroes’

frida sundemo

It’s all happening for Frida Sundemo right now… She’s at the heart of Kill Your Friends’, the feature film about the music industry based on John Niven’s famous novel.

Frida Sundemo at Birthdays London

frida sundemo london august 2015

Caught Frida Sundemo’s showcase in London last night playing a short set with some excellent Swedish electro pop. Watch out for more!

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Stay Young’

frida sundemo

Frida Sundemo

Listen: Rasmus Faber ‘Hideaway’ feat. Frida Sundemo

rasmus faber

Rasmus and Frida team up again to work up some Swedish electropop magic once more and it’s beautiful!

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘The Sun’

frida sundemo

A power ballad from Frida Sundemo that might make you a little emotional…

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Neon’

frida sundemo

Cute breezy Swedish pop from Frida Sundemo. Makes me wish I was in Stockholm right now.

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Drawn To You’

frida sundemo

That voice and those beats never get old. Another new cut from Frida.

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Hanging By A Thread’

frida sundemo

Little excites me as much as a new Frida Sundemo track. The Swedish pop princess to-be has a new song that tugs on your heart strings so much.

Listen: Thomas Stenström ‘Fåglar’ (with Frida Sundemo)

Thomas Stenström - Fåglar (frida Sundemo)

Seeing as I’m in Sweden, this is a beautifully delicate piece of music from Thomas Stenström and Alfitude favourite, Frida Sundemo.

Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘For You, Love’

frida sundemo for you

Gorgeous synth pop song from one of my all-time favourite ladies, Frida Sundemo.

Rasmus Faber & Frida Sundemo = Amaze!

frida sundemo

Frida Sundemo (one of the cutest, and frankly, best Scandi pop voices right now) has collaborated with Rasmus Faber to make up one gorgeous little electro number.