LOVA – Lonely Ones

I’ll let LOVA explain this song, because not only is it a beautiful cut of pop but the message will warm your heart:

“‘Lonely Ones’​ ​is basically me reaching out with a hand to anyone who feels alone or has ever experienced it. Loneliness is something I think we all feel sometimes, and it can come in so many different shapes and forms.You don’t always have to physically be alone to feel lonely. You can feel alone in your relationships, at work or in big crowds of people – like me. Usually when I feel lonely, I think to myself that I must be the only one feeling like this – pathetic, boring, and unlovable – and that no one can relate or knows how it feels. But I guess the truth is that we all feel it, and knowing that and hearing other people talk about it makes it all feel a little less lonely. So, I hope this song can do just that for you. That it can be a friend to keep you company in moments of loneliness and remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”