Gryffin + LOVA – Piece Of Me

LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Gryffin has teamed up with Swedish artist LOVA to create one of the biggest dance bops of the month so far, showcasing these two pop talents at their finest.

Harnessing the dance-pop sound that Gryffin is rapidly making his own, ‘Piece Of Me’ blends euphoric piano chords, uplifting horns and LOVA’s mesmerising, pitch-perfect vocals. 

Gryffin | LOVA

LOVA – Dance For The Hell Of It

I lost count of how many times I’ve featured Swedish talent LOVA on Alfitude, which is a testament to how much I love this kid’s raw and honest approach to pop making.

Today marks the release of her debut album ‘Grown-ish‘, and with it this single to whet your appetite. On the album, LOVA says:

“For the first time, I wrote for myself. I asked myself, ‘What are people going through?’ I wanted it to be very much like a diary and very personal. It was therapeutic for me, and the title resonated with where I am in my life. It’s a way to show every side of me. All of the songs are creating the story, but the album is also what made the songs. I’m excited to be able to go back to it in ten years and reminisce how I felt during this time.”


LOVA – Lonely Ones

I’ll let LOVA explain this song, because not only is it a beautiful cut of pop but the message will warm your heart:

“‘Lonely Ones’​ ​is basically me reaching out with a hand to anyone who feels alone or has ever experienced it. Loneliness is something I think we all feel sometimes, and it can come in so many different shapes and forms.You don’t always have to physically be alone to feel lonely. You can feel alone in your relationships, at work or in big crowds of people – like me. Usually when I feel lonely, I think to myself that I must be the only one feeling like this – pathetic, boring, and unlovable – and that no one can relate or knows how it feels. But I guess the truth is that we all feel it, and knowing that and hearing other people talk about it makes it all feel a little less lonely. So, I hope this song can do just that for you. That it can be a friend to keep you company in moments of loneliness and remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”


LOVA – One Day Left

One of my favourite recent Swedish exports, LOVA returns today with a liberating track that reminds us to just loosen up and take life for what it is… The perfect message for these weird times we live in!

“No one knows what tomorrow looks like or how long we have on this planet… So instead of worrying about the small stuff like asking your crush on a date, staying up late at night wondering about what people think of you or getting jealous and upset over dumb shit, we should enjoy every day like it is our last and appreciate the things and the ones we have.”


Alex Holtti + LOVA – Oblivion

A stunning collaboration between two of Scandinavia’s most promising exports in recent years.

Alex Holtti | LOVA

LOVA – Black Converse

Melancholy and heart break are the main theme on this new single from Swedish talent LOVA. I fall in love with this kid more and more with each release.

“All you want to do is to call this person and act like everything is how it used to be. But you are no longer that person who makes him feel at his best or who he wants to spend all his time with, which was something that was really hard for me to come to terms with.”


LOVA – Jealous Of My Friends

“’Jealous Of My Friends’ is the first song that will touch on the subject of love. For five years now, I’ve been avoiding everything that has to do with love. I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I’m better off without it—mostly because of fear. I think it’s fear of depending on someone and them depending on me, knowing that I can lose it at any second.  I wrote the song at a time where pretty much all my friends were in relationships. I watched my friends be in love and be the happiest they’ve ever been. Obviously, I was super happy for them, but I also found myself being jealous. I was jealous that they dared to get out there and give love a chance, when I couldn’t. I still don’t know if I’m there yet, but writing about it is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that this year can be the year when I give a part of me to someone else.”