New Music: Dear Sara

I first featured Swedish talent Dear Sara last year, when she collaborated with JIM OUMA and Alicaì Harley on the single ‘Kids’.

I could hear something special in her voice back then, and now with the launch of new single ‘Something You Should Know’, I can confirm that this lady could very possibly be one of Scandinavia’s biggest pop exports in the future.

A delicate yet distinctive vocal presents itself within a song that contrasts between being haunting and rousing at the same time.

“I could not stop thinking about that strange song I wrote together with Elias [Näslin, co-writer] – a melancholic, complicated declaration of love for my hometown. A tribute to the culture I grew up with. To say that it also counts. We count. We exist. At the same time, I want to tell you about the alienation. About being different in the tiny community. About a constant search for more and a desire to fit in somewhere. It was time for me to own my story.”

Dear Sara