Moyka – When

Norwegian artist Moyka comes full circle today with the release of debut album ‘The Revelations of Love’ and its lead single, ‘When.’

This stunning electro pop song juxtaposes melancholic vocals with a euphoric beat, and is a perfect example of just why Moyka has established herself as one of the Nordic nations’ most promising starlets.

“To me, love is the most important feeling of them all. It’s so existential ‘cause it’s what I think makes us human. Last year hit us so hard. I felt a lot of grief and sadness because of everything that happened in the world and in my life. As a person who feels a lot intensely, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by everything. One thing that kind of woke up the flame in me again, was music that reminded me there is hope to feel good again. To feel love again.”

‘The Revelations of Love’ is out now.