Graham Lake – Run em Down (feat. Avelino)

Track of the week. Emerging Swedish newcomer Graham Lake joins forces with UK rap star Avelino on the release of massive new single ‘Run em Down’.

The Stockholm-born singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist presents a sleek production on the track as he threads clean guitar through energetic synths, serving listeners with a sound that is immediately captivating and hugely exciting.

“‘Run em Down’ was made during a part of my life when many people influenced my decisions, dreams, and ambitions. My music was the thing keeping me grounded and this song came to be my freeing from all those attachments. ‘FOCUS’ came to life quickly but ’Run em Down’ was even quicker. That proved to me that I was on the right track and that this song was meant to be the follow-up. I never intend to speak on what my song’s true meaning is because it’s different for everybody but to me, it’s a celebration of knowing what you deserve and that nothing besides yourself can stop you from reaching that.”

Graham Lake | Avelino