Rose Gray – Last Song

Photo / Azazel Lorenzoni

Rose Gray further sets herself as one of the UK’s most exciting pop starlets with the release of electronic masterpiece ‘Last Song’.

“I wrote ‘Last Song’ about falling for someone on the dance floor, just as the night is coming to a close – the sun’s coming up, the lights are about to come on. It’s that knowing feeling that it can’t last. In essence, it’s a love song to myself; lyrically I play with an inner debate I actually had in the moment about being strong and leaving a situation, keeping it as something short and sweet rather than pursuing a connection.  It’s an ethereal house record with a sprinkle of rave and a nod to Kylie early 00’s. I love it.”

The track produced with Nick Sylvester, co-founder of LA-based label GODMODE (yaeji, Channel Tres).

Rose Gray