Rose Gray – Last Song

Photo / Azazel Lorenzoni

Rose Gray further sets herself as one of the UK’s most exciting pop starlets with the release of electronic masterpiece ‘Last Song’.

“I wrote ‘Last Song’ about falling for someone on the dance floor, just as the night is coming to a close – the sun’s coming up, the lights are about to come on. It’s that knowing feeling that it can’t last. In essence, it’s a love song to myself; lyrically I play with an inner debate I actually had in the moment about being strong and leaving a situation, keeping it as something short and sweet rather than pursuing a connection.  It’s an ethereal house record with a sprinkle of rave and a nod to Kylie early 00’s. I love it.”

The track produced with Nick Sylvester, co-founder of LA-based label GODMODE (yaeji, Channel Tres).

Rose Gray

Watch: Rose Gray – Easy

I’m pretty sure that no one is reviving the 90’s dance music beat as well as Rose Gray is. And her commitment doesn’t just end with the music; these trippy visuals feel like they’ve come straight out of 1995, and I am living for it!

“I wanted the ‘Easy’ video to be a trip. It’s kinda mad, we shot most of it on greenscreen. I danced, I cried. Stylistically it’s pretty out there, and we didn’t really know how it would look till we got into the edit. I co-directed and came up with the concept, I’m a little bit of a control freak but I think it truly captures my vision- being inside my head.”

Taken from the new mixtape ‘Dancing, Drinking, Talking, Thinking’ which is out now.

Rose Gray

Rose Gray – Save Your Tears

Rose Gray’s new release takes inspiration from 90s dance music, all the while still sounding incredibly fresh.

“Crying on the banks of the Thames… dancing through London Town… escaping everyday’s madness. I love 90s dance music – the soulful melodies, the samples, the orchestra elements, break beats and somehow entwining all these elements and bringing it into the 21st century became my mission for this song.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘dancing, drinking, talking, thinking’ which is due in January 2021.

Rose Gray

Rose Gray – Nothing Can Stop Us

This cover by Rose Gray of the classic hit ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’ by Saint Etienne is nothing short of genius. If this kid wants to bring the 90’s back in 2020 then I’m here for it!

“Saint Etienne is my favourite band. I’ve fallen in love with their music. ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’ was originally released in 1991, when the UK 90s dance scene was just being born. It’s an era of music I am fascinated by; I wasn’t born but maybe somehow through my mother’s eyes I partied to it. This song entwines dance music, 60s samples and incredible melody and melancholy.

Rose Gray

New Music: Rose Gray

This feels like what Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae would come up with if they were in the same room together. Imagine that…

Rose Gray