Gustaf – love me less

It’s been a short while, but rising Danish talent Gustaf is back today with his fifth release – and it’s been worth the wait.

‘love me less’ is a beautifully melodic pop power-ballad, infused with essences of synth to offer listeners a sound that feels both classic and current at the same time. Speaking on the song’s inspiration, Gustaf says:

“‘love me less’ is based on a former relationship where I felt that I couldn’t match the other persons feelings and devotion towards me. I felt she was way ahead of me. Whenever we would ‘fool around’ I’d try to be sincere, but I just wasn’t emotionally connected as much as she was. I was basically just hoping that one day she would stop loving me. I felt my heart was so cold and I was too shy and afraid to end it, afraid to be alone.”

Musician, songwriter and producer Gustaf has frequented Alfitude’s pages often since his debut last year, consistently showcasing himself as one of the most promising pop artists to to emerge from Denmark.


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