Gustaf – stop

Danish pop artist Gustaf continues to impress us with the unveiling of his latest single, entitled ‘stop’.

Through its nostalgia-tinged synth production, the song’s bittersweet lyrics tell of the emotional dilemmas that come with summer romances. Elaborating further on the track, Gustaf says:

“‘stop’ is a song about being in the early stages of your summer flirt, but suddenly it’s starting to get a little too serious and you’re not ready to commit! Mainly because you’re afraid of commitment but also because you want to keep that cloud nine feeling going on, you’re too afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice, and the daily trivial life kicks in! So let’s just stop before we fall in love!”

The song marks Gustaf’s sixth release to date. New fans of this promising Scandinavian talent can check out his past singles on Spotify here.


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Gustaf – love me less

It’s been a short while, but rising Danish talent Gustaf is back today with his fifth release – and it’s been worth the wait.

‘love me less’ is a beautifully melodic pop power-ballad, infused with essences of synth to offer listeners a sound that feels both classic and current at the same time. Speaking on the song’s inspiration, Gustaf says:

“‘love me less’ is based on a former relationship where I felt that I couldn’t match the other persons feelings and devotion towards me. I felt she was way ahead of me. Whenever we would ‘fool around’ I’d try to be sincere, but I just wasn’t emotionally connected as much as she was. I was basically just hoping that one day she would stop loving me. I felt my heart was so cold and I was too shy and afraid to end it, afraid to be alone.”

Musician, songwriter and producer Gustaf has frequented Alfitude’s pages often since his debut last year, consistently showcasing himself as one of the most promising pop artists to to emerge from Denmark.


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Gustaf – on n off

Emerging Danish talent Gustaf returns with a charming and melancholic fusion of indie pop and synth. ‘on n off’ was mixed and mastered by Gustaf himself, along with fellow artist Daniel Joy who helped write and produce the song.

“It’s about having an on and off relationship with someone, and although you know that it’s probably for the best if you would let it go it’s difficult when you have the same friend group or go to the same school – and all your friends keep saying: ‘they are on and off’, like: ‘they can’t figure it out’. It is that feeling of being at a party, only aware of how you look, or what they were doing, what signals they are giving, but then at one point you might encounter the inevitable realisation: we’re running out of lies, this can’t go on, and then it just goes in circles.”

Gustaf was recently featured on one of Germany’s largest radio stations, bigFM as a newcomer to watch. With traction picking up across Europe, this may well be one of Denmark’s next pop exports.


Gustaf – Young Love

This perfect summer power-pop bop comes courtesy of Danish musician, songwriter and producer Gustaf. The nostalgic yet relatable ‘Young Love’ was inspired by his experiences of first love, and the inevitable first heartbreak that comes with it.

“‘Young Love’ is NOT a love song, and yet… It’s about once first love and the pain when the relationship fall apart, the worst break-up and the shattered dream of the one and only, whom you thought you should share your life with.”

Take an extra moment to also appreciate the artwork; Gustaf re-decorated his own bedroom to make it look like a teenager’s, just to get that flashback feeling of being young and in love!


New Music: Gustaf

Gustaf has been one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Denmark so far this year, in my view.

If you’re a fan of LANY or LAUV then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this 26-year old musician, songwriter and producer. Scandinavian alt-pop at it’s finest, ‘lose u.’ is a sound that is infectiously catchy yet understated in a very cool way.

“‘lose u.’ originates from a fight I had with my girlfriend. In the heat of the moment I said something that I instantly regretted. In the time after the fight, she needed to think things through, it wasn’t really that dramatic looking back, but my feelings of losing her back then were nonetheless true for me. And as a coping mechanism I kinda told myself that what I said back then had some truth to it.”