Gustaf – stop

Danish pop artist Gustaf continues to impress us with the unveiling of his latest single, entitled ‘stop’.

Through its nostalgia-tinged synth production, the song’s bittersweet lyrics tell of the emotional dilemmas that come with summer romances. Elaborating further on the track, Gustaf says:

“‘stop’ is a song about being in the early stages of your summer flirt, but suddenly it’s starting to get a little too serious and you’re not ready to commit! Mainly because you’re afraid of commitment but also because you want to keep that cloud nine feeling going on, you’re too afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice, and the daily trivial life kicks in! So let’s just stop before we fall in love!”

The song marks Gustaf’s sixth release to date. New fans of this promising Scandinavian talent can check out his past singles on Spotify here.


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