Lyves – Shame

There really are very few independent music artists who have consistently pushed the boundaries of their art as exquisitely as Lyves.

Today marks the return of the acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer with the release of her new single ‘Shame’.

Refreshingly original, bold and future-forward in style, the genre-defying song continues to showcase this London-based talent’s natural flair for experimentation.

“It was written in a late evening jam at my former studio. I found this amazing drum sample and very quickly played a few ideas over it to create a vibe. It felt reflective of the mood I was in – I wanted to create something fierce that represented a side of me that I don’t often express musically. I imagined how this record would sound live and performed the vocals off a vocal stand, as if I were performing a live show. Those initial takes are the same ones used in the final version of the song. It just feels raw and unfiltered and somewhat chaotic, which I love but the lyrics behind it are very meaningful to me”.

To date, Lyves has garnered more than 60 million catalogue streams, picked up praise from some of the world’s most respected tastemaker publications and received airplay on national stations like BBC Radio 1 and KEXP.

Upcoming EP ‘Change’ is out on 18th November 2022.