New Music: ROYA

Photo / Julie Sindberg

It’s been a short while, but Denmark has once again delivered an outstanding new pop prospect to the world.

As the collaborative project of singer & songwriter Line Gade and producer Sebastian Igens, ROYA create a sound that feels melancholic and emotive, while still maintaining some strong pop sensibilities.

Latest single ‘Kinda Sad’ looks into those moments when we are emotionally vulnerable following a break-up, and reminds us that even if we feel alone and sad, that it’s just a part of a process we have to go through.

“It’s written out of the embarrassment of finding yourself drunk and alone, longing for someone you know isn’t good for you anymore. Lyrically, we wanted to dive into those suppressed feelings to give them a life of their own. The song is a reminder to anyone in this messed up situation, that sometimes it’s more than okay to be by yourself and feel kinda sad.”