Lyves – Shame

There really are very few independent music artists who have consistently pushed the boundaries of their art as exquisitely as Lyves.

Today marks the return of the acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer with the release of her new single ‘Shame’.

Refreshingly original, bold and future-forward in style, the genre-defying song continues to showcase this London-based talent’s natural flair for experimentation.

“It was written in a late evening jam at my former studio. I found this amazing drum sample and very quickly played a few ideas over it to create a vibe. It felt reflective of the mood I was in – I wanted to create something fierce that represented a side of me that I don’t often express musically. I imagined how this record would sound live and performed the vocals off a vocal stand, as if I were performing a live show. Those initial takes are the same ones used in the final version of the song. It just feels raw and unfiltered and somewhat chaotic, which I love but the lyrics behind it are very meaningful to me”.

To date, Lyves has garnered more than 60 million catalogue streams, picked up praise from some of the world’s most respected tastemaker publications and received airplay on national stations like BBC Radio 1 and KEXP.

Upcoming EP ‘Change’ is out on 18th November 2022.


Lyves – Change

Championed by the likes of Rolling Stone, Complex, Notion, Clash and more, London-based artist & producer Lyves is back with the sublime and deeply arresting new single ‘Change’.

Vulnerable and personal in essence, the song finds Lyves revealing her battles with accepting the change that comes at the end of an important relationship.

“It is a very personal narrative of my experience reaching rock bottom following the ending of an important relationship. The devastation I felt was like no other I had experienced before, but in completely losing myself, I also found that staying stuck in denial only perpetuated the suffering further. It’s a song about reaching acceptance after months of living in false hope of reconciliation. It tells the story of how learning to accept and embrace change after so much resistance became my saving grace”.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Change’, due this summer.


Lyves – How Would It Feel

It’s been just over two years since Lyves last released a single, so today’s release of ‘How Would It Feel’ marks a welcome return for this London-based artist, songwriter and producer.

The track serves as an alt-R&B masterclass, with elements of 70’s soul, UK jazz music and 00’s R&B sprinkled throughout – delivering listeners with an enthralling and gripping experience from start to finish.

“Lyrically, it feels like a letter to myself from the subconscious – I very rarely plan what I’m writing about before I improvise or put pen to paper. It feels like a stream of consciousness, where I allow my intuition to take the lead. Listening back today, I suppose it’s about loving someone but not wanting to acknowledge that you’re in it alone – you can sense the other person slowly slipping away and therefore you try harder, but the harder you try, the faster they eventually disappear”.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Change’, co-produced by Dave Okumu (Adele, Arlo Parks, Jessie Ware, Amy Winehouse).