Rosa Raye – Forever Boy

Photo / Julie Montauk

It’s been a short while, but emerging Danish starlet Rosa Raye finally returns today with a brand new single called ‘Forever Boy’.

Through its sleek yet playful blend of disco-infused pop and R&B, the song tells of the empowerment that comes with modern dating. Raye elaborates:

“I think sometimes our fear of missing out or making the wrong choice actually means that we are missing out. If we’re not fully present, and if we don’t go ‘all in’, we don’t get to experience those great feelings and things on the other side of that door. I think there’s power in making a choice and closing doors”.

The track was co-created in London alongside acclaimed musicians Teis Zacho and Louis Eliot, and continues to showcase Rosa’s natural flair for songwriting.

With only three other singles released to date, Raye has already picked up praise from heavyweight Nordic tastemakers like Soundvenue and Bands of Tomorrow, while also amassing thousands of streams online. Fans can look forward to a debut EP, which is on the way.

Rosa Raye

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