Rosa Raye – When We Were Good

Danish soul-pop songstress Rosa Raye is back with another slice of musical perfection.

This song reminisces of the good times from a relationship that has ended; it takes the pain and serves it in a beautifully blissful way.

“We actually kept the demo vocal on the track, so what you hear is just what I wrote and recorded that day. I wasn’t trying to say the right, correct things – I was just expressing a feeling. I don’t sugarcoat it because stuff like that hurts. But sometimes when the truth hurts, you just want to escape and make yourself feel good by thinking about the good memories and ignoring the bad, so the song is not too serious. There are some fun lines in there.”

Rosa Raye

Rosa Raye – On Paper

One of my favourite Danish RnB talents from 2020 returns today with another jam that is so deliciously infectious and relatable. The song reminds me a lot of 90’s RnB-pop, which was a period that brought about some of the finest cuts for the genre.

“Sometimes you meet someone great, but you’re in different places and going in different directions. You have to go with what feels right to you instead of what looks good to other people. Don’t settle for being part of someone else’s dream when you can follow your own.”

Rosa Raye

New Music: Rosa Raye

This is one Danish talent to watch out for. A perfected blend of RnB and pop, served in the most charming and endearing way you could imagine.

Rosa Raye