Amanda Fondell – Pt. 1 Let Me Introduce You To My Thoughts

A personal favourite, I have always felt that Amanda Fondell has consistently brought us a high level of Swedish pop through the years.

She returns today with a new EP and I legit can’t tell you one song that I dislike. Give the whole thing a spin; each song has so much character that I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

“I wanted to release an EP where every song got a different episode. The songs highlights reflections and opinions that I’ve been thinking a little bit too much on lately. From my deepest thoughts – to dance vibes. I wanted to make a fusion between a happy and light soundscape with darker lyrics.

Amanda Fondell

First Watch: Amanda Fondell ‘Let The Rain Fall’

amanda fondell

New one from Swedish pop starlet Amanda Fondell.

First Watch: Amanda Fondell ‘Bastard’

amanda fondell bastard

This track by Amanda Fondell has been getting a lot of buzz in Scandinavia, probably because of it’s title. And it’s bubblegum brashness one of the many reasons I’m so drawn to music from the region. I feel like bursting into giggles when the chorus kicks in- but isn’t that what pop is so good for?