Amber Mark – Foreign Things

Kicking the week off with one of my favourite singers from recent years, the fabulous Amber Mark.

‘Foreign Things’ carries that trademark soulful voice over a shimmering production, packed full of guaranteed feel-good vibes to set you in the best mood.

“‘Foreign Things’ is about the excitement of new experiences. The thrill of newness. This marks the start of my journey towards self discovery and serves as a precursor to the enlightenment and self love that’s achieved in previous singles Worth It and Competition. So excited to continue to piece this story together!”

Amber Mark

Amber Mark – Thong Song (Sisqo Cover)

I’ll publicly state that I think this is the best cover to come out of 2020. How Amber Mark turned one of the most iconic RnB-pop jams into this masterpiece is beyond me. Stunnnnnn-ing!

Amber Mark

Amber Mark – High on Your Love

The ‘W’ stands for W Records, emerging from W Hotels. Which is a bit random but kinda cool.

Amber Mark