Au/Ra – Screw Feelings


Au/Ra – Bite Marks

Fresh from the release of her single ‘Dead Girl! (Shake My Head)’, and a feature on the Jax Jones hit ‘i miss u’ comes Au/Ra’s latest bop ‘Bite Marks’.

This is a hypnotic alt-pop sound, with psychedelic visuals that focus on the sting of a heartbreak that you knew was coming.

“‘Bite Marks’ is about letting someone into your life knowing they could hurt you – that fear becoming reality, and feeling stupid for letting it happen. It’s about playing the fool, knowingly, and having to grow and live with the bite marks that leaves behind.”


Au/Ra – Dead Girl!

Five years after first featuring Au/Ra and I am still blown away by the songs coming out of this talent.

Written at Au/Ra’s home in Antigua, ‘Dead Girl!‘ is fresh take on alt-pop with a haunting and playful melody and lyrics that remind us all that it’s okay to feel different and not judge ourselves for it.

“I wrote Dead Girl! when I was feeling especially out of place when I came back home. Being away for a while left me feeling disconnected from a lot of people. I think of myself as a pretty introverted, sometimes anxious person – feeling out of place isn’t new. I was so done with judging myself and feeling judged. I felt that especially during high school, so I really channelled all that ‘grrrr’ energy into the song. So, it’s about being okay with feeling different, unapologetically, and feeling, in a sense, ‘dead’ to the people that don’t understand you.”