First Watch: Bebe Black ‘Never Forget’

bebe black

Huge track from Bebe Black. This girl just gets better and better with each release. Due for digital release on 1st July through Columbia Records.

First Listen: BeBe Black ‘Deathwish EP’

bebe black


BeBe Black was featured here back in October and it’s great to see that there’s finally some official releases coming out from her camp. ‘Deathwish EP’ will be released through Columbia Records on 21st January. All I can say is that it’s a pretty well polished production for someone so new, and that’s a very special thing. Expect sinister, epic and broody pop from this talented lady.

First Listen: Bebe Black ‘Deathwish’

Amazing new track from someone who will no doubt be very, very popular very soon. You can download this track for free over on her website!

Benga feat. Bebe Black ‘Icon’

A brilliant new dubstep track by Benga featuring Alfitude favourite Bebe Black.

New Music: Bebe Black

Huge things being predicted for this lady- it just oozes talent. Soul/ pop that is mighty catchy and has that London vibe. Check out here.