Ben Kessler with Lizzy McAlpine – False Art

A beautifully introspective and emotive piece of sad-pop that looks at the way people behave when they try to show others that their relationships are healthier than they really are.

Ben Kessler | Lizzy McAlpine

Ben Kessler – Just Wanna Be Your Friend

Just about the catchiest melody you’ll likely enjoy today, and crafted with so much care and charm.

Ben Kessler

Pastel – Daylight (feat. Ben Kessler)

An infectious fusion of soft disco and neo-soul… So perfect for a chilled sunny afternoon.

β€œBen was studying in London and we got in touch through a mutual friend in Camden, from Nashville. It started more like a jam at the beginning – I was playing a few chords, Ben came up with the solos behind and then I found the guitar lead. We actually sang the song that day and finished the instrumental later in the week by adding some more layers and some choir vocals to lift the harmonies. It really was a case of spontaneity fuelling creativity!”

Pastel | Ben Kessler