Benjamin Roustaing – Monday

The likelihood of this song taking over the airwaves across Europe in the coming months is close to certain, if you ask me. A madly infectious slice of indie pop from the Stockholm-based talent that is Benjamin Roustaing.

“[The song is] about a recent relationship that’s gone wrong, where one person simply wants more than the other person involved.”

Benjamin Roustaing

New Music: ohFrank

If you are familiar with your Swedish pop you may recognise that one half of ohFrank is Robin Stjernberg, singer and songwriter extraordinaire. This sound marks a slight shift from Robin’s sound, with a playful and lighthearted take on indie pop that is perfect for the summer months ahead.

“We want to give an honest reflection of the world we live in. To inspire culture shifts, invite or force change, to make people think. Music used to stand for something and be the great observer of society – we want to try and bring that back.”