Noak Hellsing – Die Without Letting You Know

Photo / Lamia Karic

Swedish pop artist Noak Hellsing is becoming a regular name on these Alfitude pages, and for good reason.

The 20-year old emerging talent returns today with yet another impressive new single, called ‘Die Without Letting You Know’.

The track was lyrically inspired by Noak’s struggles with committing to a relationship, and showcases a style of sound that is beautifully melodic and sincere in tone.

“‘Die Without Letting You Know’ is a song that is very close to my heart. It’s an honest song, maybe the most honest I’ve released so far, which makes it all the more exciting, but also scarier. The song is produced by Jacob Werner and written by me, Jacob Werner, and Benjamin Roustaing.”

The song follows on from Noak’s summer anthem ‘When The Shadows Go Home‘ (listen here), and serves as taster to artist’s upcoming ‘YESTERYEAR’ EP.

Noak Hellsing

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