Dreamer Boy – Let’s Hold Hands (feat. Melanie Faye)

Credit: Adam Alonzo

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy returns with a little help from the equally talented Melanie Faye on the release of ‘Let’s Hold Hands’.

The song serves as an honest exploration of emotions, and delves into the blur of feelings from a friendship that blooms into something more.

Taken from the forthcoming new album ‘All The Ways We Are Together’, which is set for release on Earth Day (22nd April 2021) via Slowplay.

Dreamer Boy | Melanie Faye

Dreamer Boy – Don’t Be A Fool

A song that is quite timeless in it’s production, Dreamer Boy has created something that is so moving and magical that it’s bound to pull on your heartstrings a little.

“When I wrote this song, I was in love with someone who had no idea of my feelings. I was growing more and more frustrated with myself for my lack of initiative. I needed gumption. I needed to look at myself say, ‘You’ve got this!’ This song is sort of a conversation and an encouragement to anyone who has ever been in the same place. If you love someone, let them know. You never really know how much time you have with someone you love, and I think your love deserves to be free.”

Dreamer Boy

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“This song is about friendships, courage, and love. I wrote it after a psychedelic experience that led to an outpouring of emotions that were bottled up for a long time. This song is meant to be that release.”

Dreamer Boy

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“I wanted this song and now the video we’ve made to be a world of its own. I want this portrayal of Dreamer Boy to feel like a specific character unique to this song.

Dreamer Boy