Interview: Quickfire with Dylan Conrique

Photo / Kai Cranmore

Dylan Conrique’s rise to stardom has been meteoric, to say the least. Since making her music debut in 2020, this multi-talented artist has not only won over millions of fans all across social media, but also found her music streamed more than 210 million times to date.

It’s an impressive feat for the US-based entertainer, singer-songwriter, actress and dancer – who is still in her teen years.

To celebrate the release of nostalgic new single ‘Gatekeeper’, we asked Conrique a few quickfire questions to get an insight into the mind of this hugely popular new starlet.

Could you tell us a little more about the message behind your new single, ‘Gatekeeper’?

The day that I wrote this song I had a big argument with my mom over me wanting to move out. I just wanted to learn how to be on my own but my mom took it personally. When I went into the session I wanted to write a song for my parents to remind them that I’d always be their little girl, no matter what, and that sometimes I have to learn my own lessons.

What inspired you to become a musician?

Sports were never my specialty growing up, not at all haha. But I was always singing, even when I barely knew real English, I was just always singing and putting on shows for my family with my older brother. As I got older, I asked my mom if I could take lessons and I immediately fell in love with it. I was also really interested in acting, and I knew LA was the place to pursue both, so my family eventually made the move so I could give it a shot.

You’re still only 18 years old but you’ve already accomplished so much… What would you say has been your musical career highlight so far?

That’s a hard one! If I had to pick one I would say when I got to headline my own small tour last summer going from Los Angeles all the way to London! I’d always wanted to leave the country and visit London and it was such an amazing experience, the fans I met there were awesome.

Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

My dream collaboration would definitely be Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts! I’ve always wanted to write with him, or even just meet him, since I was a little girl. My dad always played country radio when I was growing up and I remember hearing him and knowing all the words to their songs by heart.

What does 2023 hold in store for you? 

I’m going on tour! I can’t wait to be on the road again and sing with the crowds. I also have a lot of new music coming this year that I’m really excited to release. And hopefully I get to visit a lot of new cities on another headline tour later this year!

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Dylan Conrique – ugly

Photo / Lauren Dunn

At this point, Dylan Conrique is probably too established to be featured on the site but ‘ugly’ has to be one of the best pop break-up anthems we’ve heard in some time.

The track concludes a trilogy of releases from Conrique that were inspired by ‘coming-of-age heartbreak’, and continues to propel this new superstar further into the mainstream.

To date, Conrique has acquired over 180 million catalogue streams and commands more than 2.4 million monthly Spotify listeners. ‘ugly’ was produced by Luka Kloser and co-written by Conrique herself alongside Kloser, Dalton Diehl and Cici Ward.

Dylan Conrique

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Blending blues and country with a pounding pop twist, Dylan Conrique releases visuals for her latest track featuring Swedish singer-songwriter Noak Hellsing.

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Dylan Conrique – Not So Secretly

Already an established actress and well on her way to making a name for herself in pop (this video has already topped 70k views in under a week), Dylan Conrique’s style of power pop feels both relatable and accessible.

Dylan Conrique