Elli Ingram – Heavy

A benchmark for quality British soul-pop, Elli Ingram releases a new track that tackles suicidal thoughts which have come about from the way the world is currently going.

It’s a beautiful yet sombre piece, and a reminder that you are never alone no matter how you feel.

“This world has been a really ugly place recently and I’m ready to move somewhere far far away. When I was writing heavy I wasn’t thinking about moving to a new city, I was quite honestly thinking about dying. Packing my bags and heading up to the sky. Trying to stay positive everyday in such a negative time became too much for me. I guess I just want people to hear heavy and not feel alone. Let’s hold each other’s hands and sing our little hearts out and wait for this pain to pass.”

Elli Ingram

Free Download: Elli Ingram ‘Canna Butter Kisses’

elli ingram

Elli Ingram does a soulful, sexy reworking of T-Pain ‘I’m Hi’ & Chance The Rapper ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’.

First Watch: Elli Ingram ‘Mad Love’

elli ingram

One of the best British pop/ rnb songs to come out this year from Elli Ingram now has visuals and the video is suitably retro. And a little weird.

First Listen: Elli Ingram ‘Fun’

elli ingram

Ahead of Elli Ingram’s ‘Sober’ EP (set for release via MTA Records on Monday), we get a first listen of another brilliant track, ‘Fun’.

New Music: Elli Ingram

elli ingram

There’s something about Elli Ingram that makes me feel that she’s well ahead of her time. I don’t know why I feel that way, but something just seems to be bubbling, waiting to blow. One of the freshest pop tracks I’ve heard all month and a great voice too. Check out here.