Elsie’s back with another cool video!

Elsie’s new single ‘London Town’ is backed by a hilarious interactive You Tube video which takes a cheeky swipe at our obsession with celebrity culture.
 Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Paris Hilton, via Kim Kardashian and Amy Childs gets a nod of the head as Elsie pokes fun at some of the biggest names in show business.

Best video concept of the month!

I see a ton of videos every week, but sometimes a newbie comes along and does something so fun and clever it takes you by surprise. How do you get people to listen to your song without realising? Chop up the music video and get people to work their way around it. Elsie’s video needs to go viral! The track is released on May 13th on Big Print/Warners.

The video plays out the familiar story of a girl dealing with unwanted male attention in a night club and gives the viewer the option to chose how the video unfolds. The fate of the male protagonist lies with the viewer as they are given two options to choose how THEY would like to next scene of the video to play out.

First Watch: Elsie ‘The Assassin (Bang Bang)’

I featured Elsie a few months back, this is her debut video. Can’t get enough of that voice.

New Music: Elsie

Blondie inspired disco rock with catchy guitar hooks, thumping beats and a distinctive vocal. Championed by the likes of Jim Lowe (Stereophonics) who also produced the album, Par Westerlund (The Wanted, The Saturdays), Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith/ Foreigner) and Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse). I personally think the video montage thing is mighty cheesy but if you like the song you can download a free copy on her Facebook here.