It’s official…

… one of my favourite pop songs of 2012 is to finally become a proper single. ‘Cerahtonia’ is by Fibes, Oh Fibes! and produced/ co-written by Pontus Winberg of Miike Snow / Bloodshy & Avant

It’s been given a real jig up and now has some female voices which we’ve been left guessing who they are. I think I know though…

Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Fibes, Oh Fibes! new album, called… Album, has been getting mixed reviews from the blog world but I personally am a huge fan. So it’s good news to me that they are finally getting a UK release.

A personal piece of excitement I would like to share…

Fibes, Oh Fibes! (one of my absolute favourite bands coming out of Sweden) are releasing their new record later in the month. This is one of the singles.

First Listen: Fibes Oh Fibes! ‘Cerahtonia’

I’ve been waiting for these guys to come out with new music for what seems like a lifetime! Cute and quirky Swedish pop. What’s more exciting is their upcoming album is produced by Miike Snow‘s Pontus Winnberg. Check out here.

New Music: Fibes, Oh Fibes!

This band isn’t actually new – they’ve been around for a few years now, and have already released a couple of albums in native Sweden. It’s happy soul-pop with a harmless rock edge to it. Check out here.